SeaDek Non-Skid Marine Traction Material is highly customizable and adaptable. The possibilities are endless! In this section, we will outline the most common customer requests for SeaDek®.

Full Custom

Blue Seas Fabrication is a certified fabricator, installer, and supplier of SeaDek®. As such, the most common and popular service we provide is a totally custom and unique installation on the customer’s boat. This involves our Technicians creating custom templates onboard the Customer’s boat of the areas where the customer wants SeaDek® . These templates are then scanned and imported into software where they are digitized. The templates are then manipulated for near perfect fit and finish. At this stage, any patterns, graphics or logos the customer desires are created and digitized into the templates. The perfected template is then imported into advanced CAD software and the parts are ultimately created on high precision CNC machinery. Lastly, our technicians expertly install the finished SeaDek® on the customer’s boat for a completely custom look!

Semi Custom

Many boat owners choose a “semi custom” route for their SeaDek® project. They elect to use one of our Template Kits to template their own boat, with support from us. Once we receive the completed template from the customer, it is processed by us exactly as it would be in a “Full Custom” installation. After we fabricate the parts, we ship them to the owner who then self-installs his or her custom SeaDek® kit. This is also a popular option for our customers who are not in the vicinity of one of our installers.

By the Sheet

We also have limited types of SeaDek® available in raw sheet form. In some instances, this is an excellent solution for the “DIY” crowd, or small jobs. Of course, it will usually not yield a high level of fit and finish, but rather, the benefit of SeaDek® at a lower cost, without the customization. Duck boats, utility boats, and small work boats may fall in this category.

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