SeaDek Non-Skid is a closed cell EVA decking material. It is non-absorbent, stain resistant, easy to clean, UV resistant and durable in the marine environment. It also offers comfort and anti-fatigue properties over molded-in or other traditional hard surface non-skid applications.

SeaDek Non-Skid offers:

  • Soft cushioned comfort on boat surfaces
  • Excellent traction both wet and dry
  • Chip and scratch protection for boats surfaces
  • Anti-fatigue through shock absorption
  • Helps quiet noise from dropped items, etc. – a bonus for anglers

SeaDek® is a completely customizable material that can be configured for nearly every boating and watercraft application where high quality, comfortable and safe non-skid decking or anti-fatigue footing is required or desired. SeaDek® has a place on any boat or watercraft. Available in many colors, thicknesses and combinations.

SeaDek Non-Skid Material is ideal for:

  • Non-skid boat decking
  • Combing pads
  • Swim steps
  • Casting and poling platforms
  • Helm pads
  • Gunnels
  • Boat interior carpet replacement
  • Boat trailers
  • and much more!

SeaDek® can be customized to your individual needs, taste and desire through:

  • High precision computer design
  • CNC / CAD accuracy in fabrication
  • Multiple colors, textures and finishing techniques for a totally custom installation